Innovative. Passionate. Simplistic.

These are the words that come to mind after reading 1 Granary. The student-run online magazine is designed, edited, and published by the students of Central Saint Martins, Parson, Royal Academy Antwerp, and Royal College of Art, some of the most prestigious fashion institutions in the world.

If you want to feel so inspired that you are on the edge of your seat silently cheering on the hero/heroine of each respective article, celebrating in their newfound success, then 1 Granary is the magazine for you.

The photographs are professional, creative, and clean. They capture the youthful, adventurous culture of the millennial generation but yet deliver them in a mature, honest way.

In today’s society, especially in big cities, people are full-speed ahead with everything they do. From ordering a bagel to giving a presentation to commuting home, we are rushed. We are focused. We are routine.

What I love most about 1 Granary is that it celebrates accomplishments. Sometimes I feel like we are so busy bouncing from one task to another, one location to another, that we don’t take the time to celebrate our success, no matter how great or small.

The magazine is filled with hundreds of stories discussing everything from fashion to politics to empowerment to issues that matter most to the millennial generation.

1 Granary is very relatable to my generation. While it does spotlight trends, it also advocates against following the grain, encouraging readers to create their own sense of style and embrace their individuality. The writers of 1 Granary openly question social norms in the articles, bringing forth discussions of how the ideal “model body” has generated unattainable standards of beauty among young people.

In the magazine’s “about” section, they say “We realise there’s no such thing as one route to success. Here, we would like to share the journeys of our generation, and learn from the many roads that those who came before us have taken.”


The fashion world is one of the most competitive industries. Will every person who graduates Central Saint Martins or Parsons become the next McQueen or Galliano who went before them? Unfortunately, no. But that does not mean that they should lessen their own accomplishments and constantly compare their success to someone else.

In the midst of the dynamic fashion scene of London, 1 Granary captures the ever-improving, ever-changing, ever-growing world of style and art. The magazine has gained much attention even after only four published online issues.


I hope in the future that more magazines will follow the path that 1 Granary is treading. Rather than always spotlighting the success of designers who are already household names, it’s time we bring attention to the rising stars.


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