When the world first caught sight of the documentary, “The True Cost”, people were left shocked, wondering how we as a society could have allowed ourselves to have been blind sighted by an industry that we thought to be harmless. Prior to the documentary and recent research about the fashion industry’s impact on the environment and poor international labor laws, few recognized the dangers of retail. Out of the 150 billion garments purchased each year, half of them will end up in landfills.

1 Granary published an article titled “Redemption is possible: how to (sustainably) make your clothes last forever” discussing what different professionals in the industry have to say about lessening our carbon footprint.

I have read many articles on sustainability, but I think this particular story offers a new approach that I had not seen. It discusses how most of the research has been done by professionals in sustainability, however this does not offer applicable, time-conscious solutions to professionals in the fashion industry. 1 Granary proposed that fashion professionals arrange an event where they can get together and discuss the challenges they are facing and ways that they can overcome it together as an industry rather than as individuals.

The magazine arranged a discussion with four professionals in the fashion business industry to talk about their struggles with becoming more sustainable, and how they are fighting through those challenges.

The four sources that they chose are very credible. They are all either CEOs, professors, or fashion business owners with over 20 years in the industry.

While the story had strong focus, I think it should have offered links to fashion companies that are ahead of the industry in their sustainability efforts. The writing was strong and the graphics were compelling visual aids, there wasn’t much interactivity. I would have liked more links that offered ways for not only fashion industry professionals, but for fashion students to smarter, better choices with the clothes they purchase.


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