No matter whether it’s a musical, a movie, a magazine, or a novel, the audience is crucial to the overall success of the finished product.

1 Granary’s demographic is mainly current fashion students, graduated fashion students, or 20-28 year olds with a strong passion for fashion and the industry itself.

The articles are mainly for those who are beginning their fashion career, or looking to start a career in fashion. Rather than focusing on famous designers, the magazine spotlights those who are not receiving “applause”, but instead, those who have untapped potential to rise to the top.

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive in the world. There is constant pressure to live up to certain expectations, to please others, and to impress an often “unimpressed” audience. It is highly criticized, constantly changing, and known for fostering cutthroat atmospheres in the work place.

What I truly love about 1 Granary, is that the magazine ignores all of those stereotypes. It acts as a voice for the “outsiders” of the fashion world. It challenges the fashion industry for their controversial impact on the environment, uplifts beginning designers who are trying to make a name for themselves, and destroys the notion that models must look a certain way to compete with society’s idea of beauty.

The demographic for the magazine, furthermore, focuses on an audience who actively engages in worldly news. The articles are not cookie-cutter, bubble gum stories. They are deep, investigative stories that look at fashion not only as a business, but as a lifestyle, and a way to improve the world for the better. The writers and contributors of 1 Granary write to an educated audience who understands that although fashion is somewhat about aesthetics, there is a bigger purpose to the art.




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