In today’s society, if anyone wants to make it as a fashion icon, they must have a strong presence on social media. From designers to merchandisers to street bloggers, fashion dominates the social network scene. Even supermodels have gained mass popularity because of their Instagram and Twitter feeds. For a fashion magazine to succeed, it is essential that they create a powerful image on social media.

1Granary’s Instagram is their most popular social media outlet. Even though they have only published 4 issues, they have over 40,000 followers on the site. Their photographs are extremely professional and creative, each averaging around 500 likes per photo. Most of the photographs that are featured showcase the fashion designs or headshot of the models.



1 Granary has only 4000 followers on their Twitter account. While their Instagram page was mainly used to feature designs and photographs, their Twitter page focuses on the articles themselves. The tweets mostly contain links to specific articles published on the magazine’s website. They do not post on the Twitter page as frequently as they post on their Instagram page. I definitely think that they need to strengthen their Twitter because a brand is as strong as its weakest outlet.

The magazine’s Facebook does have a strong following of over 40,000 likes on the professional page. The Facebook seems to focus on highlighting both the photography and the written articles. They also use their Facebook as a way to update fans on new announcements and arrivals. The articles and photos featured are very strong and eye-catching. They were so intriguing and interesting that I could not help but to click on a few of them as I was browsing.

As a person who spends hours daily surfing through Pinterest, I must say that 1 Granary has an excellent page. They have individual boards for different fashion events, fashion designs, famous designers, patterns, and student projects. One thing I think they should add to really boost their following would be to post DIY examples for aspiring fashion designers to use for inspiration.











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