1 Granary is entirely student-run. These students, however, are anything but ordinary. Their alumni include Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Christopher Kane. The magazine has earned immense success, even from its initial launch in 2013. The magazine’s first issue leapt from 1,000 copies to a staggering 15,000 copies by the second issue the following year.

The magazine celebrates the work of fashion design students of the past and present. The magazine is student-run, however the editors do not consider 1 Granary to be a “student magazine”. In an interview with Franceseca Dunn of I.D, editors of 1 Granary said, “It kind of functions as a bridge between education and industry where both can work together collaboratively, just being creative for creativity’s sake.”

Due to the ever-increasing following, the magazine recently began selling print copies, as well. This has helped the magazine increase revenue, however they do have concerns about financing the publication. The editors said that they are hopeful that reaching out for industry support will help them keep up with the costs that accompany circulation in high demand.

When describing what it’s like to be a part of a student-run fashion publication at one of the most prestigious design colleges in the world, associate editor Greg French said, “It’s the first time that the whole student body has been united underneath one roof – the first time that you could walk down the corridors and see every single practice. We relished in the opportunity of tapping into that complete creative spiderweb.”




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