It’s extremely important for a brand’s followers to feel a sense of community. This will increase brand loyalty, ignite passion, and create a strong foundation which will ensure a continued rise in follower numbers.

1 Granary began as a publication only by the students of Central Saint Martin’s in London, England.

However, now the magazine is published by CSM, the Royal College of Art, Parsons in New York, and Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ Fashion Department in Antwerp. This is the first time the four best fashion design colleges worldwide are gathered together.

In my opinion, having CSM join forces with the other three most prestigious fashion design institutes was the best marketing strategy they could have done. This not only expanded their network of followers, but also created a melting pot of ideas and creativity.

Fashion is notably the most competitive industry in the world. So while it may not have been easy for these four colleges to come together for a common purpose, it certainly produces the best product possible.

The magazine also helps to create a sense of community by their strong social media presence. They are constantly posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, engaging with their readers and featuring their articles and photography.

A magazine published by the four best fashion design colleges in the world definitely has its pros, but it also has a few cons. The pros are the increased network of followers, increased quantity of writers and photographers, more creative ideas, and the label that many aspiring fashion designers will recognize. The main con is that there will be more pressure on the magazine to produce strong content, as the readers have very high expectations for the magazine and its quality.

Each magazine costs twenty Euro, which customers can access through the app or the website. So far there are three published issues, and a fourth issue that is currently available for pre-order.



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