It is no “ads-ident” that specific brands market their products in specific magazines. Every brand that wants to buy advertisement space in a magazine performs extensive research to find out which magazines share their same customer base.


1 Granary is a student-run publication. The majority of its revenue stream comes from ad sales and subscriptions. The total revenue is also decided by the sale through ratio, or the actual percentage of magazines sold out of the total amount distributed per location.

As 1 Granary is published out of a college in England, many of the advertisements are from smaller scale brands in the United Kingdom. Some of these include Lulu Guinness, Anna Valentine, and additional advertisements from Central Saint Martens, RCA, Parsons, and Antwerp’s Royal College. The biggest advertiser of 1 Granary is CSM’s famous alum, Alexander McQueen.

Based on an analytical study done by HTMLS Rank, 1 Granary earns approximately $89 USD on a daily basis. There are around 8000 viewers to the website per day and almost  3 million viewers per year.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.07.37 PM

1 Granary has a widespread demographic, as its editors come from both the United Kingdom and the United States. This give them a strong foundation for viewer support. They also have gained much of their funds and commercial advertising from famous alum. 1 Granary focuses on spotlighting the “heroes of today” and the fashion designers that are very much like the “girls and boys next door” rather than only talking about globally-recognized designers. For this reason, they mainly pull advertisers who have brands that are in the price range of college students .


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