In fashion, the number one sentence that designers hear from the media is “tell me about this piece”.

For 1 Granary, fashion in not just about telling the story of the garment. Rather, it’s about the garment telling their story.

With every photograph, every interview, and every article, many students are working to breathe life into the work. The writers and artists of the magazine do not believe in doing anything structured or ordinary. They believe that every garment holds a deeper purpose. They believe that every photograph must convey a strong message. They believe that every piece of writing must ignite feelings of passion among the reader, and give them a resurgence of energy, reassuring them that fashion is not about clothes. It’s about life.

The hands involved in 1 Granary believe in breaking through fashion models’ unrealistic standards of beauty, showcasing them for their charismatic, expressive, quirky personalities.



They believe in writing stories that matter and stories that give fashion a deeper meaning than simply a needle pulling thread. Many of their articles touch on issues of human trafficking, climate change, sustainability, and defying stereotypical gender roles.



I have loved researching 1 Granary because it taught me that a magazine does not need to conform to the “norm” in order to be successful. 1 Granary is student-run, avant-garde, and brings in over 8000 viewers per day. It’s refreshing to know that creativity is still at the forefront of this commercial business.


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